BB for Air pistols, Air rifles, Air gun, Shotgun

Kwality Ball Company is a manufacturer, supplier, exporter of steel BB’s for shotguns and air gun 0.177 inches BB is one of the smallest calibers which is preferred for its accuracy and consistency. These .177 BBs travel faster than any other size and have a flat, reliable trajectory that makes them ideal for excellent marksmanship. You won't regret getting these powerful, high-performing .177 BBs for air gun . In fact, .177 BB size is preferred by many users and is their go-to choice .

Material AISI1010-1015
Diameter 4.40mm/4.50MM/0.177 Inch
Grade G1000
Hardness Soft (Unhardened)
Surface Condition Bright Finish, Zinc plated, Cooper plated
Packing As per customer requirements

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