Wire coils are checked for diameter and chemical composition.
Wires are then cold forged into spherical shapes blanks by heading machines.
Headed blanks are ground inside grooved metal disks at very high pressure in flashing machines.
Specially designed furnaces are used to hardened steel balls. The Balls are then quenched and tempered to give them sufficient strength & durability.
Similar to flashing process, Grinding is done using grinding stone disk for perfecting the sizes, spherical shape and smooth surface finish in grinding machines
Lapping of steel balls is done using Bakelite disk/lapping disk to achieve more accuracy in sizes, spherical shape and smooth surface finish of steel balls.
Ball Washing is done to clean surface thoroughly.
Sorting of steel balls in automatic sorting machine to sort different gauges and then steel balls are checked for surface defects.
Further quality reports are made by quality department as per general standards/customer specific standards in the form of diameter, hardness, roundness, roughness & visual.
Using anti corrosive oil, steel balls are packed in cardboard boxes & shipped to customer.
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