Glass Balls

Soda Lime Glass is resistant to high- alkaline solutions. Soda lime glass balls are mainly used in dispenser pumps, lotion pumps, and mist spray pumps, trigger sprayers, closures for bottle, aerosol bottle & grinding as agitator. Common Size are 2.50MM, 3MM, 3.17MM, 3.50MM, 4MM, 4.76MM, 5MM upto 16MM with transparent color in it, other colors also available at customer request.

Soda Lime Glass

Soda Lime Glass is resistant to high- alkaline solutions. Soda lime glass balls are mainly used in applications which are not subject to strong mechanical or thermal shocks such as plastic bearings, flow meters, measurement and control equipment, ink cartridges.

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate Glass has an excellent chemical inertia to most acids and thus it is particularly suitable for metering pumps and valves against strong oxidant concentrations.

Black Glass

This is often used in medical and chemical flow meters and for control and measurement equipment.


Size Range Standard Grades Application
1MM-50.80MM G40-2000 Dispenser Pumps, Special valves, plastic bearings, low-cost check valves, metering pumps, medical and chemical flow meters, measurement instruments, agitators, optic fiber devices, ink cartridges, closures for bottle, shot blasting, grinding. They are used even into art and decoration fields.

Chemical Composition %

SiO2 Na2O CaO MgO Al2O3 Li2O K2O TiO2 Fe2O3 B2O3 MnO2 BaO
SODA LIME GLASS 63-81 9-15 7-14 6.00 Max 2.00Max 2.00Max 1.50 Max 0.80Max 0.80 Max - - -
Borosilicate Glass 65-85 3.00-9.00 2.50 Max - 1.00-5.00 - 2 - - 8-15 - -
BLACK GLASS 65-75 9.5-15.2 3.00-5.00 - 1.00 Max - 2.00-3.00 - - 1.00-3.00 5.00-7.00 3.00-4.00

Mechanical And Physical Properties

Soda Lime Glass Borosilicate Glass Black Glass
SPECIFIC WEIGHT ( g/cm3) 2.50 2.23 2.55
Hardness ( Knoop-KHN) 465-585 420-520 468-530
Melting Point (C) 730 820 650
Normal Working Temperature (C) 110 230 110
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