Brass Bronze Aluminium Steel Balls

A Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Brass & Aluminum Balls in India. We are also provide Brass Balls for switches and Aluminum balls for seat belt.

Brass Balls exhibit excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.. Brass Balls also have the ability to resist the corrosive effects of fuel oil, gasoline, butane, dry carbon dioxide, benzene, lime-sulphur mixture and similar chemical agents. It also offers good resistance in environments rich in oxygen and salt water.

International Equivalent Standard Brass CDA 260, P-CuZn30, C26000, 2.0265, CuZn30, CZ106, L70, H70, C2600


Size Range Standard Grades Application
1MM- 25.40MM G 100 – G1000 Industrial Pumps and valves, Electronic Devices, Security Appliances , Safety Switches

Chemical Composition %

Cu Zn Pb Fe
63-68.5 33.5-36.5 0.07 Max 0.05 Max

Mechanical And Physical Properties

HARDNESS HRB 75-95 ( Flat Surface)
Maximum working temperature 500 ° C

Adding to above, we manufacture copper balls & aluminum balls as under

Metal Composition Weight Hardness Application
Copper Balls 99.0 % Cu 8.91g/cm3 40-120 HV Electronic Components
Aluminum Balls Al 99.98%- 98.99% 2.7 g/cm3 20-50 HV0.5 Automotive industry (safety devices), aviation and aerospace industry, electronic industry, welding processes.
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