Kwality Ball’s Quality Management Team ensures that the company establishes, documents, implements and maintains a scalable Quality Management System for managing effective, business operations. The management ensures that in relation to clients, the adopted quality policies and objectives are consistently fulfilled. The Quality Management System gives the organization a focal point for promoting best practice and continuous improvement in accordance with the defined Quality Policy.

Commitment to Quality

Company believes that quality values must be internalized at every level of the organization. Our approach to communicating and implementing these values is one of encouragement, education and training rather than policing. Ongoing education and individual support provide employees with the tools, confidence, and motivation they need to implement Kwality Balls quality philosophy. Through Company quality training program, employees learn both the importance of quality and how to measure it. Committed to continually improving the quality and reliability of company products and services, Kwality ‘s employees have the responsibility and authority to shut down processes that are not producing high-quality products. . Commitment to quality is not just another core value at Kwality Ball Company, it is paramount. A stance on which there can be no compromise. The ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification, with a high degree of focus on Personal and Team Management Processes are testimony to this. Today’s global, competitive business environment expects nothing short of perfection and there is no room for error. In its endeavor to surpass excellence, Kwality Ball Company is constantly looking to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations, and has very stringent standards of process and quality.


Strict quality control is maintained at every step of the production process, right from the receipt of raw material till the steel balls roll out of the factory passing through several checks and re-checks. Selection of raw materials is very important. Every coil of wire or a piece of bar is chemically analyzed and tested for its physical properties before it is approved for further process. It is ensured that forgings are uniform in diameter and acid etched. After heat-treatment, the whole lot is checked for hardness and micro-structure. After lapping, every machine lot is checked for surface defects, waviness and perfect roundness using precision instruments. Each ball is visually inspected by specially trained personnel & then passed through censor for 100% dimensional accuracy. The balls are then finally packed, after giving them anti-corrosive coating to make them rust-proof. With quite a large production capacity at our disposal we can meet all your requirements in steel balls. From incoming material to the finished product, we carry out a full scale of quality control. Our workers have been well trained to produce the same quality every day. In other words, the major control is done during the production process. Final product control is carried out only to make sure no human errors or defects are overlooked. We are aware of the fact that a good control is the key to consistent quality and competitiveness. So we have been intensifying our control process to guarantee a total satisfaction for all our customers.

Quality Objectives

  • Handling of all customer complaints properly and try maintaining the status to zero (0) customer complaints.
  • Encouraging one suggestion per employee per 3 months and providing minimum six training sessions per half year
  • Aim for Zero (0) deviations in product lots to be dispatched to customer
  • Achieving a scrap % target of 1 %
  • Providing a safe working environment in the company
  • Increasing timely delivery efficiency by 5% every quarter
  • Increasing 10% capacity utilization every year
  • Increasing export share in total sales by 5% every year from 2003

ISO certification