Kwality Balls manufacture carburized and case hardened Carbon Steel Balls with both high and low carbon content to meet with the requirements of the clients.

For Carbon Steel Balls heat treatment is one of the most critical operations in manufacturing cycle which provide required strength & hardness to the ball. It makes the balls tough and wear resistant. Apart from intermediate vigil at all operations, for all quality parameters, finished products are also tested with extremely sophisticated equipments to ensure right quality of balls.

Carbon Steel Balls finds application in automotive and commercial industries and they are mostly used in place of bearing balls where expected wear and tear is less.

Carbon Steel Balls are available in the following types:

  1. Low Carbon Steel Balls (Case Hardened) – The main feature of this ball is the carburized case with a soft core. This design lends resistance to shock loads and surface wear while providing good load carrying ability. Balls of this type are generally used in applications where there are only moderate loads and slow rotating parts.

  1. High Carbon Steel Balls (Through Hardened) – These balls have the advantage of being through hardened and will take higher loads and provide longer life than case hardened balls, for such applications as the cycle industry. These balls are substantially cheaper than balls manufactured from high carbon chrome alloy steels.